Q: I would like to attend the next meeting of the Northern Isles Digital Forum. How can I make sure that I receive an invitation?

A: If you send your name and contact details to clarkea@parliament.uk, we will add you to our database. 

Q: I have a topic that I would like to be discussed at the next meeting of the Digital Forum. How can I get my item on the agenda?

A: Get in touch! We are keen that the Digital Forum discusses a range of issues that reflect the specific difficulties that people in the Northern Isles have experienced with their digital services.

Q: I am having problems with my phone/internet supplier. Can you help?

A: For problems with individual accounts, please contact your local parliamentary office on 01856 876541 (Kirkwall) or 01595 690044 (Lerwick). Alternatively, you can email Alistair Carmichael MP directly at carmichaela@parliament.uk.